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Hemorrhoids - a disease of the veins of the anus, where the piles grow, move down or fall out, and can be thrombosed and krovotochit.

Causes of hemorrhoids
Tendency to hemorrhoids can be transmitted in the genes, but without provoking factors disease does not manifest itself. Aggravating factors hemorrhoids: sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, frequent stools disorders, poor diet, bad habits and the like.

Traditional remedies hemorrhoid treatment at home:
Candles from hemorrhoids at home:
Relieve the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids at home will help a candle made from raw potatoes. Do candle size of a finger, without sharp corners. Introduce a candle at night, to facilitate the introduction of the potato candle can be greased with sunflower oil, it will be released with the feces or straining during bowel movements, but it can be left on all day - walking is not a hindrance. Before the procedure can sit 30 minutes in a warm bath. If you need to go to the toilet, then throw a candle, and after a cold cleaning the anus (and better cold douche rectal enema small - 0.5 cups) into a fresh candle. If carefully and gently apply this folk remedy, the exacerbation of hemorrhoids is a few days, but the procedure should be done within 10 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 1-2 months.
Candle of candied honey also reduce the pain of hemorrhoids.
Evening for home treatment gently enter into the anus along the cut garlic cloves, dipping them into the interior melted lard, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil and leave overnight. Before the procedure, lubricate the anus mammal or sea buckthorn oil.
Clean 3 large cloves garlic, grind, mix with hot butter and pour into molds conical foil (size must match the candle to put in the anus), put the mold in the refrigerator to freeze. Introduce candles after each bowel movement.
Ice candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids: pour the little finger of surgical gloves (or stall) broth chamomile (1 tablespoon to 1 cup of boiling water for 30 minutes, drain) and freeze. Ice candles pull out of gloves, put in a day and keep up to complete melting. After two months of no longer bother pain and bleeding.

Ointments for hemorrhoids at home:
Tavyanoy tampon with ointment, which relieves pain and inflammation, eliminates bleeding:
     mix 1:1:1 common toadflax flowers, oak bark, grass, water pepper, half the mixture diluted with hot lard, keep on low heat, stirring, for 12 hours, drain, drain the oil into a jar. The ointment is applied to the gauze, put in the anus for 4-5 hours.
     Relieve the pain of hemorrhoids compresses and ointment:
     Of grated raw beets or carrots.
     Pulp of the berries of mountain ash.
     Ointment of 1 part juice dymyanki drug pounded with 4 parts butter or petroleum jelly.
     Crack for speedy healing lubricate 1 per day ihtiola.
     Subsidiaries fry one large onion chopped in 0.5 liters of hot oil, drain through a multilayer gauze. In hot oil solution of 100 g of beeswax. The ointment is applied as an external agent in the home.

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