Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Popular treatment of arthritis.

Arthritis - inflammation of the joints. The term arthritis combines a group of inflammatory zabolevaniy.Artrit may be the underlying disease (eg, spondillit), or a manifestation of another disease (eg, rheumatism). Arthritis can affect various joints - an inflammation of the joint unit was called monoartrit and simultaneous inflammation of many joints - polyarthritis. Symptoms of Arthritis: Pain in the joint, which are enhanced by motion, swelling in the joint, limited mobility of the affected joint. The skin over the joint may be red and become hot. The causes of arthritis: infection (tuberculosis, brucellosis), trauma, allergies, metabolic disorders (for gout), diseases of the nervous system, lack of vitamins.

Popular engage in treatment of arthritis of the joints, many healers. After all, people are much more effective means of synthetic drugs.

Treatment of arthritis with mustard
Folk arthritis treatment is widely used mustard. Need to impose on the joints mustard, so warming them up.

Folk remedy for arthritis - a bath of the branches of spruce
From arthritis to help spruce. Must be freshly eaten twigs pour boiling water, leave. Cool to 37-38 °. In the infusion immerse feet or hands for 30 minutes. Then wrap them and lie in bed for an hour. Repeat the treatment after 2 days. The treatment of arthritis 5.7 baths.

Arthritis - a popular treatment of flax
Linen for the national treatment of arthritis - is heated dry flax seeds. They must be in bags to use as a compress to the affected joint.

Compresses the bile - a folk remedy for the treatment of knee arthritis
Good folk remedy for treating arthritis - bile. Compresses the bile needed to apply for the night to the affected joint. Apply for the treatment of arthritis.

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