Friday, August 24, 2012

Traditional medicine - Wax
Beeswax - product voskovyvyh glands of bees. Secrete wax only young bees. Beeswax is used in medicine. It is included in some patches, ointments, creams. Wax is well absorbed skin and gives it a smooth and gentle look, so it is widely used in cosmetic medicine. Beeswax is good for your skin, the composition, it is close to a number of components that make up the skin fat, promotes the formation of waxy film on the surface of the skin, preventing its dehydration.

For the treatment of poorly healing wounds. For the preparation of a mixture of wound healing can use the following recipe. Boil two parts olive oil and one part pure beeswax over low heat. The resulting cream cool and shift into a glass jar. Wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide, put a bandage with cooked product.
At stagnation of milk in lactating women and the threat of mastitis. Used white wax adhesive. To make it, to wax '30, '60 olive oil, 120 g of spermaceti melt in a light heat, stirring with a wooden spoon. When all the bloom and well put together, remove from heat and stir until cool. Apply the mixture on the canvas, to attach to the breast, change every day.
Wax from a stomach ulcer. In enamel ware put 400 g of fresh unsalted butter, put on a slow fire, grate 50 g of propolis, bring to a boil while stirring. Remove from heat, remove the foil from the top - is wax. Take warm for 1 des.l. 30-40 minutes before meals 3 times a day with half a glass of warm milk. Store in a cool place. This structure will last for 2 weeks, then take a break and re-treat the new members. Treatment - 3 courses. At this time you can not drink alcohol, spicy. Wax from the ulceration.
Wax for pains in the joints. Ointment for all occasions. Mix 50g unctuous (lamp-, mandatory yellow), olive oil, linseed oil and beeswax, and heated in a water bath until the wax has dissolved. Remove from heat, add 1ch.l. honey and stir to freeze. This is an external remedy for pain in the joints, wounds, frostbite.

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